Friday, October 21, 2016


Hi all,
Today i came across with different type of requirement, Sometimes we need to move/Copy our NAV data from one Database to others, OR One server to other server.
we can do this task using "Departments -> Administration -> Application Setup -> RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Config. Package Card.
Note: In this scenario, BLOB fields are not copied, Due to overcome this we have to do using SQL Server.
But Now today i am going to talk about Data migration using Rapid Start Services.
Look guys, Earlier we are simply Export the Excel format and Import it, but in NAV 2016 if we go for import we will get exception, see the bellow screenshot.

To Overcome this we need to customize our NAV 2009 Objects, But before going i just want to tell you why this issue came.
See the bellow screenshot of NAV 2016 Excel file, there i marked PackageCode that are added.

You can also check NAV 2009 Excel, In that you can’t find PackageCode.
So now our job to add this PackageCode in NAV 2009 Excel file, To do this we have to customize several objects, these are as:
                Table ID                :               8613, 8614, 8615, 8616
                Form ID                                :               8614
                XmlPort ID          :               8610
                Codeunit ID        :               8611
                                In this Codeunit we have to upgrade 2 functions, these are as:
Step 1:  Add the PackageCode field of type Code in Tables 8613, 8614, 8615, 8616.
In Table 8614 and 8615 give the Table relation to 8613 i.e. ”Migration Table”.
After adding the field write code for initializing the PackageCode, See the bellow screenshot.


Step 2:  Add codes in Codeunit 8611 ”Migration Management”, in this codeunit we have to upgrade two function as earlier i discussed. These are
See the bellow screenshot for added code.

Find the ExportSetupDataToExcel function and update as like in screenshot.

Now update the second function i.e. ”CreateRecordNodes”, See the bellow screenshot
Note:    In Both images only the customize code, remaing Upper and lower code as in standard.
                Just match the code something like:
For ExportDataSetupToExcel find the CreateBook and start writting from screenshot, because some code are removed.
Also go thru something like other function called ”CreateRecordNodes”.

Now Compile, Save, Exit from this codeunit.

Step 3:  In this step we are going to upgrade XmlPort 8610 "Setup Data Schema" something like NAV 2016.
Design  XmlPort 8610 "Setup Data Schema" and upgrade as it is in bellow screenshot.

After designing the Xmlport Open the CAL Editor in this Xmlport only. And make changes

Now Compile, Save, and exit from this Xmlport.
Step 4:  Upgrade the Form 8614 ”Migration Overview” , Add the PackageCode field, so we can export.
See the bellow screenshot for Form, and update as it is.

Compile, Save & Exit from this form.

Step 5:  Now export the Data from Data migration, see the bellow screenshot.

Note: Whatever you given here PackageCode value that you need to give in NAV 2009.
Also remeber onething still it create a .xls file, So you have to just open and save as .xlsx format.
Also remeber one thing, if you are going to export multiple tables then you have to delete manually Sheet1 from exported file, it creates by default sheet1 extra. So to avoid exception delete manually sheet1.
See the bellow screenshot for exported excel file from NAV 2009 after upgraded.
Once the file is exported and save as with .xlsx, then you can import in NAV 2016 directly.


Step 6 :                                         Now i am going to import this file. See the bellow screenshot.

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